Building an app for another and transferring to them?

Hi all! New to AppGyver but loving it so far. Question about being able to transfer ownership of a completed app to another entity.

If I get contracted to build an app for someone, but at the end of the build it becomes their property, how would I go about transferring it to them once it’s complete? Would they need their own AppGyver account? Is that even possible?

Thanks in advance!


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Great question, would love to know as well. I have considered starting my own agency and including AppGyver in my tool set.

These will be possible with the upcoming organization support as out-of-the-box features; for now we can do the transfers manually as needed – just drop a mail to with the app ID, your account ID and the target new owner’s account ID!


I like this response,

Appgyver is the best

Thanks @Harri_Sarsa

@Harri_Sarsa @appgyver
I have mailed 2 times already but still not a response. it’s been couple of days already and I need to tranfer my app urgently.

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I have this problem too. I need to deliver some app yo another apogyver account…

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