Building Android app is taking too long

It takes too long to build an android app, it is almost one hour and a half. My app’s status is still “queued”. Is it always like this or there is something wrong?

Seems like an issue, we’ll look into this ASAP!

It seems that your builds eventually errored; the specific error was that the keystore file uploaded did not contain a key with the configured alias. Can you check that those are correct?

My builds are taking forever too. Been in Queue for hours now…

I tried to fix it but after few hours of waiting I got this message , “Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details”.
I have another one in the Queue for few hours, and @JOHN_WORSHAM has the same issue. Whatever the case it shouldn’t takes hours, if there is an issue then it should tell the user within few minutes. I believe that you will fix it :slight_smile:

My builds should not be erroring at all, my configuration is always the same. Something is apparently going wrong on the back end of the build server.

This should be better now, see for the issue.

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