Built app with new 2.5.7 run-time - crashes on App store

It was working great in the latest Preview App, so I assumed it would work with the latest 2.5.7 build run-time. Nope! After downloading from Google Play Store it freezes/crashes to a blank white screen after start up. Thank god I caught this before anyone else did!

App ID: 182264

Back to 2.4.35 :hot_face:

FYI - The previous run-time 2.5.4 worked perfectly. Whatever changed in 2.5.7 wrecked my app.

Same here, it crashes as soon as I go into a view. Released it without realising the runtime changed from 2.5.4 > 2.5.7 for then to realise the bug :cry:

On a more positive note for the team given the push to the new runtime, I do love the product and completely understand there being issues here and there. To the team and the community, a big thank you! :slight_smile:

Same here, the app crashes. It can only open the first page, after that tap to open on any other page crashes.

Any of you figure out where the issue lies, yet?

I am currently switching the Input fields to the new composite fields rather than use the primitives, however, given that the app preview is on version 2.5.3, it makes it really difficult to test as I am having to build the app each time I make a change.

This does lead me to a potential request which might be beneficial and that is to make sure there is parity between the build runtimes and app preview runtimes. It’d make it easier for us to provide feedback on what is causing the runtime issues.

If anyone has any thoughts, I welcome them at this point as the runtime version 2.4.35 has issues with input fields not pulling in data :(.

Hey, I’m trying to figure this out at this moment. And fix will be available ASAP. But couldn’t figure it out yet. @VeeBee Could you provide your app ID so that I have more info to get to the bottom of this. Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you’re inspecting my app (App ID: 182264) you need a Login Key: 2099a160

After pressing Log In button it crashes trying to open the ‘Main’ screen.

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Hey Kristian, I appreciate your swift response! Absolutely, see below.

AppId: 194113

To replicate the crash, choose any option which does not have a tick on the stock screen. As the app has authentication, do you need a valid account to test? Let me know if so.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

@JOHN_WORSHAM When you say crash, do you mean completely or does it just get stuck on this white screen? (if only white screen then I think I know what’s the issue - I tried this on preview and the request to see location came up in middle of the page change from login to main and the app “froze” for the time that the permission dialogue was up, on standalone it does not show up at all, still need to verify this)

Yes it just shows. Blank white screen and cant do anything to make it change

Thanks, I’ll try to isolate that

Yes I’d need valid account to test this. You can dm me if necessary. Thanks :slight_smile:

Unable to DM yet so please find the credentials below:


If you have any question’s from me, I’ll be hovering around so I can be as responsive as possible. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Hey, found some weirdness… the open page flow function seems (sliding from the bottom) to open the page in modal, even tho you have it set to false - another weird thing about this was the fact that once I changed it to actually be modal in composer (didn’t save it) all the page parameters disappeared somewhere (which should not happen).

So one thing you could try is to either make the open page flow to be actually modal, so that the app preserves it’s look or add new fresh open page flow and fill it up again and see if it works (either way you should fill the fields again) - Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll get back to this tomorrow

I just updated the Preview App to 2.5.7 and it seems to work. I will do a test build with 2.5.7 and see what happens…

Thanks for having a look, I noticed something similar happen but it happened in the logic section were switching the variable deleted the node!

On to the matter at hand with my specific issue, I found that one of my App Variables was incompatible with a Page Parameter, how I managed to select it is beyond me. The App Variable type is true/false, and as the Page Parameter cannot be true/false, it was set as a text type. I am unsure whether the bug was there as it seems to work absolutely fine on the updated (2.5.7) preview app! Just waiting for a build to finish before I can test it but will revert with my findings here.

@JOHN_WORSHAM thanks for letting me know of the update to the preview app! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: This should make it much easier to troubleshoot issues!

@Kristian_Gerkman You help is greatly appreciated!

The build still crashes, unfortunately, preview works fine so unsure if the preview is running on an updated client but the build is still crashing for me.

I am yet to try switching the page to a modal to see if that fixes the issue but again will revert here once I know more.

Yes the Build version still crashes/freezes on mine too. It would be best if it crashed on the Preview app so I could debug it more quickly.

Sorry to hear that John. I do wonder though, what makes our apps so unique in this? Surely we can’t be the only ones experiencing this?. I agree, parity in client runtimes between preview and production would be ideal!

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