Built app with new 2.5.7 run-time - crashes on App store

Keeping this bumped.

All of my Main page logic starts from the Page Focused event. I know that i’ve had trouble recently with executing certain flow functions from that event, which forced me to move that logic to the Page Mounted event instead. So Im going to see if moving everything to the Page Mounted event might correct this issue as well…

For me, the app loads without issues, the page which users get redirected to is quite simple as it’s just a list of products in a repeating container so this page is fine.

The troubles seem to start on pages that have input/dropdown fields visible, I can navigate to other pages which do not have inputs/dropdowns visible without problems.

Initially I thought the issue might be with the logic & variables but I’ve tried to narrow these down and fix errors where I can see them but unfortunately, still the same issues on production builds.

As of right now, I am trying a build without the logic enabled for these inputs/dropdowns to see if this resolves it.

The crash report from my phone is attached in case it helps the team figure out the bug. I can provide this in another format if required.

Will report back with my findings later in the day. It just takes ages to debug by having to build each time :frowning:

Hey @VeeBee @JOHN_WORSHAM, Just added a 2.5.10 (BETA) tag to the build service, could you try building with that and see if these still persist? Thanks :slight_smile:

@Kristian_Gerkman on it now! :slight_smile:

Thanks for not leaving us out to dry here! You guys & AppSheet are the most responsive devs I have ever come across! Different products but the same principles in support, absolutely incredible.

Will update you as soon as the build is finished. Thanks once again!

That’s interesting because my Main page (after Login page) has a drop-down too. I will try the new 2.5.10 and see what happens. Thanks

Hey I just could reproduce the bug on my device on 2.5.10, but now I’m certain what it is so it will be fixed. When I open a page with dropdown it goes to blank white screen like @JOHN_WORSHAM 's app. I’m still not sure if this would need a new runtime update or if it is just about the component. Will investigate!

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I was seriously hoping this would be a positive reply to this thread, at least for the team but unfortunately, the app is still crashing on any view which has a dropdown/input :frowning:

The only change I would say from 2.5.7 is that some of the pages that were outright crashing to the home screen now simply show a white screen. One of the pages still crashes to the home screen though but this page not only uses dropdowns/inputs but also visibility formulas on containers.

The pages that show white screen do not have any visibility formula’s.

So based on my findings so far, the issues have to be related to inputs/dropdowns somewhere :thinking:.

Will continue debugging and will revert with my findings as soon as I have something of substance.

Yes still blank white screen, even after changing logic to start from Page Mount event.

Found the issue and fix for it, update for dropdown primitive coming soon!


I can confirm the issue is with the input/dropdown component/s.

I can debug further now that I’ve isolated the issue but I don’t feel that it is the most efficient approach to hit the server for builds on every change! If you guys want me to continue I don’t mind at all but if you have a suspicion on the culprit, then, I will stop here.

Thanks for your help guys.

@VeeBee @JOHN_WORSHAM Should be available now, please let me know if it worked on your apps. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks… building now, will let you know!

It works! Thank you!


You are a star! @Kristian_Gerkman
Thank you so much for your help. A wonderful way to end the week! :slight_smile:

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