Built in firebase auth for users

Is there any way to get records from database as authenticated requests using the built-in connectors and database variables?

Umm yes it should automatically use the authenticated user’s information for the data requests, as far as I understand :thinking: Are you having trouble with it?

yes, when i changed my security rules to end the harassing emails from firebase telling me to secure content which is public anyway, all of the sudden the video uploads stopped working. i use the upload files flow function

Hi! Not sure from your reply if you already do this, but you need to use the Firebase Storage Upload Files flow function instead of the plain Upload files one. Have you tried it?

I could never get that one to work and couldn’t find any tutorials on it. The upload files block has been working fine up until recently.

I see. We are currently looking to hire someone to do more tutorials for us as we lack the resources to do as comprehensive docs as we would like to have :disappointed: But thankfully there’s a quite good user-made tutorial available here if you’d like to take a look: Firestore; security rules : if request.auth != null; - #21 by stayfoolish