Built-in Navigation: how to move it to the bottom of the page

Hi Guys! I was wondering if anyone can help.
I am having difficulties finding the right navigation bar solution for us: the custom designs using containers and text etc look great, but from what I understand it is necessary to program the menu options on every page; the appgyver built-in navigation, on the other hand, seems to be quite inflexible.
Do you know if I can at least move the built-in menu to the top or bottom of the page?
If that isn’t possible, I wonder if there is a way of creating a smart component that already includes the logic functionalities? I hope you can shed some light! thanks!

Hi! Currently the options are very limited. We are looking to publish some components that would have to be dragged onto every page that would have some nicer navigation options, other than that, there will be a bigger renovation of our Navigation features later this year (probably).

As for the logic, if you copy paste the component from page to page, the logic goes with it :slight_smile: