Built-In navigation showing on top of the keyboard on android

Hi community,

just wanted to check something out, before I report it as a bug.

I’m having an issue where the built in navigation will show up above the keyboard when any input field is triggered. The same behaviour is happening for every element that has the position absolute and is fixed to the bottom of the page. The issue is not appearing on iOS. I am noticing this in the preview app.

Is this a known bug, has anyone run into this? Here some pics:

I have experienced this as well. In case it is really disturbing You could in fact do a little bit of workaround for this if You have a custom navigation container. I don’t think it is possible however, with the default one.

It would just work with any component that has the position set to absolute.

You would need to set its visiblity to a variable which could then be set on the input’s “onFocus” event to false and “onBlurred” event to true.

But I know this could be painful if You have tons of input fields (maybe create a custom logic flow to just copy-paste that between the components.)

Hey @Mihaly_Toth

thanks for the suggested workaround. I guess one other thing that would need to be checked is if the Operating System is Android, before hiding the custom Navbar onFocus. I have pages with many input fields, so yeah, a custom logic flow would have to be created. Doable yes, but painful for sure.

As I was developing the app I was testing it on the iPhone not checking out what was going on on the android. This is just one of ugly surprises i ran into and it’s a biggie.

Do you know if this is a known bug? I’m surprised I didn’t run into this topic before.

I reported it here:

Let’s see if someone from the Appgyver Team can give us more info.