Business directory w/ AppGyver

Hi all,

I will be involved in local business directory development soon and would like to explore options before it’s decided which solution to go with.

We were looking at WP and solutions such as Jet Engine and Toolset and also ready to go themes with directory functionalities, however I would like to know how feasible is AppGyver for this.

The directory should offer account creation options for businesses that would like to list, it should offer a free and paid plan with expanded functionalities and it should offer claim listing option where we would list a business a they would be able to claim the business for a fee. Listing would contain basic business information with image gallery and Google maps integration (or Mapbox integration).

We would also need to integrate payments for our paid plan, however that would be sth I would need to tackle locally with some of the local banks since Stripe is not an option.

How feasible would be this to develop with AppGyver and what kind of back end solution would be appropriate for this? We would host AppGyver’s front-end ourselves on an managed VPS.

Thanks for all your suggestions/ideas.