Business Reviews

Hi Developers, I am designing a free Business review app, I am done with most of it but the critical part seems to be an issue for me and I hope that it is as simple to you…

I am trying to make a star review(5 star) I followed the tutorial and it works but the problem is it only works on device when I do it and once I refresh and change pages it goes back to default.

I want the design to be like the playstore review where you can review the business and the number of review also show(see picture attached)

I want to design what is circled in red within the app

Judging by what you’ve said, you’ve only created the frontend of your app. You’d need a backend like Backendless, Firebase, or others (basically, servers) connected along with logic to actually store your variables on tables. Otherwise, the frontend (Appgyver) has no means of actually retaining the information on refresh.

Now if you’re making some kind of offline app where you can input data and then rate it for future review by the user, that could be stored persistently on the actual device rather than a server, but you’d still need advanced logic for that as well.

Thank you Dominik, that makes sense. I am still new to Appgyver(2 Weeks) and advanced logic seems daunting. Let me try your advice and will keep updated should I encounter any problems.

Thank you for your time, much appreciated.