Button disable function stopped working

Hi @Mevi

Continuing this in a new tread, hopefully you will respond here, and yes, possibly not related to todays update but it is related to your recent Appgyver updates as it worked only a few weeks ago and has been for over 9 months.
I will try your new suggestions and get back to you.

Hi @Mevi ,

I have done a bit more testing.

If I put the same formula into a container my formula works perfectly and is displaying the correct result on both Android and I-phone. I can only conclude it is related only to the button and its disabled function.



Tested this and apparently the button is disabled on Android, but it just does not look disabled for some reason. This is now scheduled to get fixed in 3.3.X, where the styles would then correctly reflect this disabled state.

Hi @Mevi

Brilliant, thank you so much. Look forward to the update as I use this feature a lot.