Button "Disabled" property not affecting style correctly

App 169788

I have a button that allows users to submit a form. I set the Disabled property to true if any of the 3 fields in the form is empty. When the user enters values for all 3 fields, the button works, indicating the “Disabled” logic works properly, but the style doesn’t change, so it still looks disabled.

I have tested this by removing my logic from the “disabled” property - if I set Disabled to false, it works and appears properly, so I don’t think it’s a style issue.

The Disabled field should only evaluate to true/false, so I don’t understand how I could have this in-between state where the button is Enabled but looks Disabled. Any ideas?

Any ideas, folks? Or perhaps this is just a style bug in the Preview app?

Just marked this as a known issue https://tracker.appgyver.com/bug-reports/p/dynamic-button-disabled-style-not-working-correctly – seems like a regression that snuck in as we were fixing other binding-related issues. Sorry for the hassle.

You can circumvent this by tracking the disabled state separately and binding your styles to formulas accordingly, and having an If condtition before the rest of the button logic to do nothing when it’s disabled – that said, we do intend to fix this ASAP.

Alternatively you can use Conditional Renderer to display two identical buttons, one where it’s Disabled: false and the other with logic where it’s Disabled: true.

Any timeline on this one? The workarounds are pretty messy, and the same UI pattern just came up in another app I’m working on.

This is fixed in the next version, which is currently under QA! Hope to get it out before the end of the week already.