Button Font Color Is Different On My Phone VS The Website

As the title states, my font color on my buttons is showing up as yellow on the website but black on my app. I’ve checked the font section under the style menu and it says it’s yellow. I’ve even checked my themes and nothing is labeled to show up as black. Anything I can do to fix this?

That’s odd. Are you using just the text “yellow” or a hex color code, or some other format? I’d like to try and replicate this issue, as it isn’t familiar to me.

I’m using #F1E15F as the font color and #16284d as the button color. I copied the design of the buttons from one page to another but one page shows up with black text on the app when viewed from my phone. It looks like the other one on the website.

That sounds really peculiar, I will try to reproduce this bug :thinking: If you change the color now again on the button that is working incorrectly, does it start working correctly?

It seems to be working now, but I had to change thee font colors to totally different colors then save, reloaded the page, then set them back to the correct colors. I’ll let you guys know if this isn’t a permanent fix.

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