Button Group actions help

Hey how can I get Button 1 of a group to show list 1 and button 2 of a group to show list 2? Here is a 1:20sec video explaining the situation and what I’ve tried: [quick video]. (Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software)

Thanks for any help!


Thanks for the video, it was clear to follow what you need help with! :slight_smile:

I would create a page variable, e.g. chosen_tab , which will be assigned as either "current" or "past". When you button group is tapped, you can set the page variable as needed, something like IF(pageVars.chosen_tab == "current", "past", "current") . This way the variable should always change "current""past" or "past""current" when tapped. Then, I would assign the visibility (found under advanced properties) of each list according to the variable with the help of a formula. So if pageVar.chosen_tab == "past" , the past reservation list visibility should be true, otherwise false. And the same thing for the current reservations!

Hope this made sense, please ask for clarifications if it didn’t.