Button not working to go to next page in SAP Build Apps Preview app


I am having an issue where I cannot go to the next page when I click the ‘Login’ button in mobile device preview using the SAP Build Apps preview app. However, my web preview of the app works just fine.

I have updated the flow functions from the marketplace, but still, the app won’t go to the next page in the mobile preview. Can someone help me with this?

I also faced this same issue but it is fixed now

  1. I installed the updates from marketplace.
  2. Please check navigation logic for button, in my case “open in modal” inside inputs was set to false which I changed to true and it started working.

Please fix this. Thanks

Hi Kirill, I’ve already tried the solution listed here, still not working :frowning:

Hi @Sudhanshu_Nigam, I’ve tried the listed solution as well, but still not working for me :frowning:

Hi @Abdul_Latif is this issue currently faced by others as well?

Every one is facing this I guess, the solution which @Sudhanshu_Nigam is talking about is opening the page in modal window which is working fine.
I don’t want to open page in modal.

Okay, noted on that. Thanks for the update @Abdul_Latif :blush:

@Prasetyo_Sanjaya Welcome.
You can use modal view for the time being or use web view until it is fixed.

If the Navigation Menu is off the buttons will not work in mobile view, it will work fine in Web View ,Try to switch on the Navigation Menu and give a try

Hi @shiva_raj . I’ve tried that as well. Still not working for me.