Button tap event inside container

Hi, I have a “buy” button that is inside a component. How do I trigger an event when it is tapped?

In this screenshot, I want to trigger an event when the “instant buy” button is clicked. I edited an existing component. Is there a way to implement this?

Inside your component, on the “properties” screen on the left side, you’ll see the “events” tab. Go there and create a new event. Name it as you wish.

Then go to your button’s logic canvas drag a “trigger event” logic node and in the top right select your dropdown the event that you have created.

Next, leave the component and on the outside logic canvas of your component drag in a new "receive event’ logic node. There you will be able to see the event that you have previously created.


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omg you are a lifesaver! I was thinking, maybe i should create a new container such as the component. It would have been tedious.

Thank you so much >>>

I’m seeing this now. Possible solution?