Button works on one page but not the other

Hi! This one has really got me.

My buttons on a page (Frequency 1) won’t send me to the next page.

I added a simpler button on the same page with just the open page action, and it also won’t open.

The debugger said the “Open page” logic fired.

I copied that shortcut button to another page (Activities), and it worked just fine from there.

But then I created a brand new page (Frequency) and pasted the button there, and once again, it did not work.

I am baffled…

App 98690

Seems to me that adding a page is not successfully hot reloaded to the preview page.
In other words you need to refresh your preview page for the change to take effect. :frowning:

Sorry for the inconvenience, bug is on our list.

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