Cache File & Convert file to base64 - unknown error


I’m trying to create a image converter that converts the image from url to base64, but I get an unknown error even though I’m pasting the image url as a static value. Even a flow function with only “Cache file” with static url value gives a unknown error.

Any tips?

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Hi! Sorry for the delayed answer. Are you still experiencing this issue? From your screenshot it looks like you’ve pasted a web url when you need to instead be using a file in the local file system. So you need to download the file/image onto the device to be able to cache/convert it.

Hi @Espen_Olsen, was this problem resolved ? I am also facing exactly same issue. Please let me know if you have already solved it. I have spent more that 10 hrs to debug and resolve this issue, but not able to fix it yet.

Hi @Sumanta_Basu , its been a long time since im trying to solve this issue, One thing i thought, to use was an api to do the conversion to base 64, but i couldnt find any, im thinking, that maybe base64 conversion, is a very basic thing in coding, because i found MANY javascript examples on how to make a converter, but because i have no idea of coding, i couldnt test in in the javascript component of appgyver and im stuck again.

Maybe someone with knowledge in javascript can help us both