Cache file not working on webapp

App number: 263498

I published the WebbApp on appgyver’s server. However, it apparently doesn’t play any cached file (which is paramount to my application, since I’m recording and replaying the user’s voice). Anytime I press any play button, is thrown the following err on the Console of Chrome Developer tool:

Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The play() request was interrupted by a call to pause().

Hi, this is likely due to the platform used – the caching flow functions are only supported on mobile.

Thanks Mari for the response. Do you have any suggest I could go through to get the user’s recording to play on the webapp?

Hi Alan, I took a look at the audio recording flows and they are also developed for mobile use. If you wish, you can add web audio compatibility as a feature request in the tracker. As it might take some time, in this case I would rethink if there’s a way to translate your app idea to mobile if you want to build it with AppGyver. Sorry for the disappointment! :confused:

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Hi @Mari if we were talking about images and not audio files, what could we use in webapp instead of cache file?
Thank y in advance

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Have you found a solution here? I want to cache images in a webapp. Longer term I will get it released into native apps but initially caching in webapp is important to me.

Hi Phill,

I didn’t work on this issue anymore. If there’s a solution already for that I’m not aware.
Please, please post back if you’ve found a way around.

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I decided to check if its the web app and load lower resolution images. So speed isn´t impacted, just quality.

Not a solution, but as a workaround its ok.