Calculation within pageVariable

In the following Sales Order Line page, I have a calculated field “Amount”. I find option to calculate the amount field by embedding the formula in Amount field as follows:

MULTIPLY(pageVars.quantity, pageVars.price)

when the record is created as follows:

However, the amount field remains empty.

Try wrapping them into NUMBER(pageVars.quantity).

You’re using a form to input data so it could be treated as a string until you change it.


This worked for me.

It looks like you are trying to do the calculation as you create a record and commit the data to the database. So, you won’t see it in the amount field on the screen.

  1. Create 2 Page Variables for Price and Quantity

  1. Add your two input fields and assign them to the page variables

  1. Create an Amount field that multiplies the 2 page variables:

  1. See the amount field:

Thanks both. It worked.

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