Calendar with appointments

HI everyone.

First of all thank you to AppGyver team, I am looking now for a no code platform and what I have watched and read, this platform really impresses me one of the most with combo of functionality, UI and how it all feels.

I am looking for a platform for a SAAS where main functional would be calendar with appointments, possibility to make notes in appointments, attach files to them, different user groups each having visible specific appointments.

I’ve read some threads and whatched a video (on the calendar by Mevi) but not yet sure if this functional (not just calendar itself) can be anyhow covered, would appreciate on some insight whether AppGyver would seem ok for such goals? Just the directions or doubts, I would further dig myself.

I also live and plan to operate in Russia, so we have to host our users personal data in Russian clouds but as I understood I would be able to download zipped results of my work to host on my side.

Thank you again and regards,


Yes this would be possible! Creating meetings, notes, and user restrictions are all possible and standard Composer functionalities. I think the most complicated part would be creating the calendar, but the video by Mevi gives some insight to that process. Also the feasibility of the user restrictions are dependent on the backend you decide to use, I wouldn’t recommend the AG hobby database for this task.

and yes, you can download the zip of your app and di what you please with it :slight_smile:

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