Calling standard SAP Business Partner API, navigation from Main entityset to Address entity set

Hi everyone,

I’m learning AppGyver coming from a SAP Fiori background. Within Fiori, I’m used to calling the ‘main’ entity set of an SAP-related Odata services and then ‘traversing’ from there to underlying entity sets using navigation properties.

An example of this is in the Business Partner A2X from ( SAP API Business Hub ).

In the model, you would first get a collection of Business Partners. Selecting one Business Partner, you would then navigate to all the addresses of this single Business Partner ( and from there, to specific address details ).

In the API’s model it looks like this:

2022-10-19 11_32_46-API Reference _ Business Partner (A2X) _ SAP API Business Hub

I’m not sure how to use these navigations in AppGyver. How it works now, we get a list of Business Partners on the first page of the app. After clicking one one Business Partner record, I send the Business Partner number as a Page parameter to the following page.

In the second page, I try to directly call the ‘Business Partner Address’ entity set and filter it on the Business Partner number in the page parameter. Sadly, this doesn’t work and I just get all the addresses in the system.

This is a different way of going about it then I’m used to. Is this the best way in AppGyver?