Camera permission was not chosen, but Play Store asks for Privacy Policy


I got the msg below from play store saying that the apk has a permission to the camera and because of that I need to write a Privacy Policy, but I haven’t choose the camera permission on the appgyver:

Did anyone have this problem?


Hmm, I wonder if the permissions-tab in Build Service is not showing all the permissions included… Anyway, permissions/plugins are included if you have installed a logic node that includes that permission/plugin in your app, even if you’re not using it (we want to improve this to be based on whether or not the logic is in use, but that’s not what the current situation is and I don’t know when we will have the time to do this improvement). Check the installed tab in your logic editor, and search for take photo in (logic) marketplace and check that it is not installed either, that may help?

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These are all the logic nodes that I have installed and the “Take Photo” is not installed.


I already wrote a privacy police to be able to upload my app into the playstore, but it is still something that can bother others.

Take photo is actually one of the Core flow functions, so you can find it under the Core tab of logic canvas.


Ok. Thank you. I got it, but this is a standard core flow function.
So, all the created apps will have this problem.

@Tomi_Laakso So are you saying that every app created with Appgyver will need to request permissions for all the core logic functions even if not used in the app?
If this is the case then this will be very unfortunate decision. Imagine creating a Todo app and asking user to grant permission for camera, gps, file system, etc.

Please can you confirm this is the case?

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@SeanHoots, you are right. My app asks for all the permissions below, even though I don’t use them.

Ah, sorry. I think I misunderstood the original question completely (didn’t read the thread properly apparently).

I’ll check this with our team, but you’re right, asking permissions to any unused logic doesn’t sound good. I’ll keep you posted.


Current situation is so that some of the permissions are always required to have in the build even if that user is never asked to allow that permission. I created a ticket to tracker to follow this issue here. Still, at this point I cannot promise when we can change this behaviour

I have the same problem. I am not using Camera at all but Playstore wants to have Privacy Policy because the App is using camera!?
In platformassets_dolan_runtime.json there is a configuration (even in Build Settings it is marked red):
“includedPermissions”: [
I could delete it but then signature will fail I suppose. It would be nice if this small but stupid problem want be there - my app is very simple and do not need any permissions at all.

Hi! If you have any take photo / image gallery / scan barcode flow functions anywhere in any page on a logic canvas (even if not attached to logic or on a page that is in use), these permissions are included. Otherwise they shouldn’t be :thinking:

Dear Mevi, I do not use this Camera/Photo/Image Gallery. I have only few images that I loaded up. I tried to check Logic canvas for some components but to check all 60 pages is too much. I tried to check APK code but without result. Interesting, that by installing on Android phone there is no question to allow access to camera. :thinking:
I will write privacy policy page and go further towards test version.

P.S. I enjoy you tutorials a lot. Please continue!

Hmm :thinking: Well, if you can go around the problem without going through all the logic, that may be the easiest.

Thanks! I hope to have time to make more videos at some point :blush: