Can 2 apps share the same database in local storage?


I am new in AppGyver.

I am working on an app with the following “Paid” method.

A fully functional app called “Diary” was made with 90 days trial.
Some functions will be disabled after 90 days. Users are encourage to buy “Diary Pro” version from Google Play.

Both apps share the same database.

However, when I installed the “Diary Pro” version app., original data from “Diary” app cannot be read though they share the same database name.

Can someone give advice on it?


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I don’t understand how your app knows if the user paid for a pro or not, if it’s using a local DB. Does the user have to download the pro version or your have a variable that tells the app that the user bought pro?
If you were using an online dB like firebase, it would be easy to tell the app what to show and share data or use it to confirm if the user bought pro and show extra functionalities of the app

Or have it Ths way, use only the pro version app and connect it to an online dB for purchase confirmation only. Have a True/False variable in your app that you use to Show pro functions the variable value is true or otherwise hide them.

Now on the online dB, if someone buys, you set their purchase status to true, the app will then use Ths to show pro functions

Hi F_Ortell,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I plan to submit 2 version to Google Play. One is the trial version. One is the Pro version.

I am not sure if it works or not.

Your suggestion is good and I shall try it.

I think the builder will build your apps as different apps even tho they work the same way, so unless you provide a path to where the apps should create the local DB, they are going to create their own DB’s separate from each other.

Assumes the app is for android phone,you can provide a path like internalstorage/yourappname /DB. That way your apps will save data to the same location you specified … But um not sure if you can do Ths in appgyver and I have not tried it,is just a concept.
But you simplicity, try an online DB

Thanks for your suggestion. I shall try online database instead.