Can anybody show me an example of a link that will open the appgyver app and open my app?

I am just trying to understand how we can test logic designed to open a specific page in the app from an url. How can I test it with the previewer?

I don’t know if you are still stuck on this, but for anyone else stumbling on the topic, the correct beginning of the url can be found on this page of the documentation :slight_smile: (at the time of posting it’s sapappgyver://)

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I found many different variations of that and have tried them all and could not get any to work.

But just to be thorough, could you please show an example of the entire link? I do not see how that would open a website on a custom domain or the native app? What is supposed to come after sapappgyver:// ??? And if we are trying to open a specific page, what is the logic of the structure of the entire url?

What are you trying to do? If you’re trying to open your app via a link from e.g. your website, while testing use sapappgyver:// in the url, and when you have a standalone you need to use the url schema you have set for your app (where you configure your build in build service).

As for how the link structure works, it’s explained in the docs linked above. So for example, the url in the example was sapappgyver://auth?token=abc123. On Global Canvas, you would have an event for “app brought foreground via url” event. Then you would have the logic that uses in this case what was passed in the token in your logic. So for example your url could be sapappgyver://open?page=dashboard. Then in your logic, you would check what the value of “page” is and based on that, open the page you want to open. You can define the logic with which it works, it can be anything really. You could use any part of the url in your logic, the path or the parameters or the whole url.

Hope this helps you forward!

It has helped explain bits and pieces. Thank you. It looks like firebase dynamic links is the only way to go.

If I’m using the SAP Preview App, how do I navigate to the preview app that I’m looking for? E.x., if I have ‘App1’ and ‘App2’, would the URL be sapappgyver://app=App2&page=Page1 ? Thanks.

I have been trying to get an answer to this for almost a year. I do not think it is possible in appgyver.