Can anyone give private lessons on how to build my app

Can I hire someone for a 1on1 lesson with Appgyver? I’m trying to make an app that can can be a piano/deskbells/xylophone

I wrote an email to the support team with the same question about 4 weeks ago. Unfortunately, nobody replied…

I’m having trouble figuring a few things out myself, so if anyone is interested in making an extra buck by helping out - hit me up!
Specifically, I’m looking for someone who is able to integrate a “Book appointment” function that is linked to a google calendar in my app showing available or blocking booked appointments.

I have some problems with building too. Deprecated Gradle seems like. I still don’t know How customize It myself. It would be great If some one help on it!!

Hi @Martin_Karrer i was trying to make an app with the same functionality, but i decided that using the google calendar api is not for me, so i followed mevis calendar workshop on youtube and im now in the state of connecting firebase as the backend, if you want we could exchange some opinions on this idea.

Hi Dimos,
I’d love to exchange opinions.
I’ve also watched Mevis video tutorial - but honestly (since I’m not an professional app developer) I’m not able to follow her steps.
One reason might be that english is my second language therefore she’s too fast in her explanations.

Is there a way to private msg members of this forum so we can exchange numbers or emails?

@Martin_Karrer @Dimos_Vamvourellis I’m a freelancer and able to make that app for you. Contact me via Whatsapp : +84978658607 or email

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