Can Appgyver add a feature to let us code the front end?

I need the ability to add custom code on the front end to embed a video player, so I can build my YouTube type app. I also need to add code like < input type=“file”> to let users upload files to my server. I would also like to add a option for users to add the source link from their own server / cloud storage. I hope the Appgyver team lets us code the front end or add a video player & features that easily let users upload media, so I can build my big app with composer pro & have it on the future Appgyver showcase page instead of having to code the full app.


I don’t think there’s any plans at the moment to let users to directly modify the frontend, but a lot of those features will be possible with 3rd party plug-ins once the feature has passed internal testing :slight_smile:

Around how long will it take for the big update?

I don’t have an exact timeline on it, but I would guess that it will take some weeks still at least.

I’ll be finished with my Javascript courses by then, so I should be good enough at coding to start creating plugins when the big update is released.

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