Can Appgyver work with an insecure API across a local network?

I’ve got a program that just opened up its API, and I’m trying to connect to it - unfortunately, it only offers an http connection, not https …and appgyver requires a secure connection.

Any thoughts on a way around this?

Some resources to check before you post:

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There are several methods to launch a local HTTPS secure server. For example:

After that you’ll only need to ‘expose’ your local server to the internet.

…unless I’m ignorant (which is quite possible), this won’t help. The program has its own http server - and I don’t need it on the internet …unless appgyver can’t connect directly to a local IP and has to do a runaround through the internet.

So the more direct question is that: Can I make Appgyver read an insecure API across the local network, accessing a specified IP through a specified port? ie - (or whatever)
Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 8.54.55 AM

It would be possible to do so if the Composer was running on your local machine, in a similar way the program you mentioned does. But since Composer is on an external server from your computer, it is not possible to use local IPs without making the server accessible to the internet.

Setup a port forward on your router. If you are not on a static IP address then setup a DDNS for your location. That way your local server becomes accessible.

Make sure firewall rules on your server allow the incoming traffic.

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