Can i Build a Native Digital Radio App with AppGyver?

Hello AppGyver Community, I hope that you all are well,
First of all I want to thank the developers and contributors for your amazing work and community sharing! really appreciated!

i’m Amine, CTO of a Digital Radio, self-taught, hard worker (135h per week), tech enthusiast, I already have some experience with code & no code tools,

i just started an MVP with AppGyver (Mobile Radio App) for my business and as a newbie on this tool i have some questions please,

  • - 1 - Audio playback is stable ? (e.g 1k to 4k simultaneous listening)
  • - 2 - Can we have a audio player contrôler on notification panel ?
  • - 3 - Can we have a audio player contrôler on a lock screen ?
  • - 4 - Share native system work can send metadata (e.g Facebook share an InApp blog post that send metadata : Image / title and some text…) ?

if someone wants to share their experience with me in this kind of case, I would do the same, I am available, thank you so much! and have a good luck on your work!

Best Regards,

Hey, @Amine_MEDJBER were you ever able to find out the answers to these questions?
Mainly #2 and #3 in your question list.

I believe that if this controller doesnt show automatically , by the time you are playing an audio and leave the app, from what i know you cant make it show up yourself with appgyver. But i suggest setting up an audio playback in a page and testing if this shows up automatically.

it seems only the “open audio player” flow function shows an audio controller on the lock screen. But I can’t seem to get the audio to continue to play once the screen has locked.
Has anyone been able to do this?