Can I build an ecommerce app with subscription or recurring monthly payments?

Hi Guys and Merry Christmas,

I want to build a ecommerce app for food, it needs to web, iOS and Android. However, it needs to have a recurring payments function for monthly, quarterly etc payments. I would like to use Stripe as I already have a Stripe account. I also have a Pabbly account, not sure if its possible to use that on here. The products do not need to behind a paywall. But customers do need to be able to manage their orders and subscriptions.

Is this realistically possible with AppGyver. I would prefer to know if I should use a different platform for such a project.

On a separate note, I have heard some great things about this platform and about the community and support, mainly via YouTube. I still can’t get my head around the fact that its free!

Thank you.

As to the ability to use Stripe or other payment systems, some have claimed to have done it but I’m not sure.

You should be aware that (based on my reading of the Google T&C) the Play Store specifically disallows an app from collecting payments using any provider other than the play store. Something which AppGyver is not able to do today. I haven’t checked Apple but would expect something similar. This would have serious distribution implications even if you could get Stripe working.