Can i change the color of the drawer button?

Am i able to change the color of the drawer button which one appears instead of the navigation bar at webversion, if the screen is not wide enough?
This one is not good to see at my background.

Hi there!

I believe this should change with primaryNavBarColor, however there seems to be a bug with this.

I’ll open an issue about this, meanwhile I think the best that can be done is adjusting the native -> primaryNavBarBgColor under the theme tab.

Sorry about the inconvenience!

ok, i will try. For future it would be great if you can separate this drawer button from the navBar, because under this button you can see the app and sometimes the app background looks great with the navBar, but this drawer button is not good visible. So if the NavBar could be grey and the drawer button which is shown e.g. at mobile web version, could be e.g. white, that would be great.