Can I change the IPA build to be able to install it on local iOS device?

Which files in the IPA bundle needs to be changed to allow the IPA to be installed for a native test on a local iOS device? Profile? PList?

Or is there a build option for local testing without the AppGyver app?



Currently local testing can be done via Testflight, so building your appstore distribution build and then testing it on any local devices using the Testflight app.

Another option would be making an adhoc build, but we don’t provide that option publicly at the moment. You can email us at if you really really want one, and we can see if we can somehow arrange it. However, I don’t recommend adhoc builds, considering the hassle of adding all the tester device information prior to making all the certificates and provision profiles. Testflight is imo more developer-friendly.

Thanks a lot for your reply. Originally, I was looking for an easier way to test the app natively without going thru the Apple Transporter app and the App Store Connect website.

But using the normal Testflight is ok for me to :slight_smile:

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