Can i create new users in the appgyver auth interface without an email adress?

In the AppGyver Auth it always says that i have to add an emailadress to the user to create a new one.
Is it also possible to add a user without an email adress?

Sorry, the ag auth requires email auth for users. You can use a dummy one though for testing purposes, like

Why does it need one? Are E-Mails sent to them?

No emails are sent at the moment. However, the AppGyver Auth was built with the thought that app makers might want to send emails to their users, which is why they are collected.

Is there any way to add a new user through a registration page? So, the user can create an account? Even without all of the features (eg, password recovery), this would be valuable.

Thank you

I looked into this and there isn’t a way to use AG Auth this way as of yet. New users must be added through the Admin UI in Composer. If you need these features, I would recommend looking into using a third party authentication instead. There’s a tutorial for that e.g. here.

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