Can I edit page margins?

Hi! I’m having issues after selecting OK to the merging layout messages for legacy code in my app. Is it possible to edit the margins within a page? I now have a button at the bottom that gets cut off at the bottom of a page when trying to space out my components when viewed from my UI. Thank you!

I’ve always gotten around this by adding a container underneath and setting the height to 15-20px

You can add padding to your page under Page Layout → Style → Padding. Hope that helps.

You have to use Padding, or “Gaps” now. Margins are gone.

Hi! Thank you for your feedback @Ridge_Woods @Jaroslav_Krajca @JOHN_WORSHAM I’ve added a Title, Text, WebViewer and a button to a page. Each component displays exactly under the other with no space in between when added. I’ve tried adjusting the padding and GAP spacing without success. Either the textbox will disappear, or the button does. I’ve tried adding components to containers, I ran my app against each of the Layout fields. I’m really confused. Any assistance would be very helpful. I’m struggling with this since the merger and would appreciate any help. Thank you!

Hmm, seems that the platform does not recognize the height of the webview correctly, so that’s why a button may get cut off. I’ll report this as a bug, to fix it for now I recommend doing what @Ridge_Woods suggested and adding a container with enough height to make even the lowest button accessible.

Thanks @Mevi My issue appears to be the button component itself. I deleted the button and replaced it with a new one, now it appears in my UI with White text and a Black background. However, if I change the Primary Background to color and save it, the button disappears from the UI. Any advice? Thanks!

Uh, that sounds weird. Can I have a look? If you give me your app id and info on what page this is on (DM me if there is any log in info required to get into the app). You can also recreate this issue in a new app if you prefer and if you are able to.