Can I get the URL location parameters after a #? Auth0

Can I get the URL location parameters after a #?

I’m attempting to implement Auth0 with Appguyver. I am getting a successful callback after the login but the data after the “#” is removed from the URL early in the process

The response header from Auth0 is "

But in the address bar I just see “

I tried adding a page parameter for access_token and I even tried a self.window.location.href in a JavaScript node on the page mounted event but apparently that is after the # data has been removed.

I’ll check with the native team – could be that that’s an unsupported case ATM. I assume you are using and there’s no possibility of a server component to use instead (or include client_secret in the app code)?

When you say “native team” are you implying this is for a mobile app? This is for a web app. Is there a reason you though it was for a native/mobile app or am I misunderstanding what you mean by “native”?

Yes, point of using Auth0 is so that I don’t need to host my own service for this. Although Auth0 uses the # for security purposes, so even if I had my own service it would still be more secure to do it this way.

If I am understanding you when you say “include client_secret in the app code” is also insecure as you pass the app code to the client, so it is no longer secret. I don’t see in AppGyver anyplace to securely store and use a client secret. That should be made clear in the documentation.

Yeah, storing the client_secret in app code is obviously insecure, but could be tolerable for demo/internally distributed app.

It does look like the part in the URL after # is unfortunately inaccessible before further development on our end – listed this as a bug now

Super sorry that you’ve run into so many blockers with this, if there’s anything we can do (apart from fixing the bug ASAP), let me know!

Has anyone been successful using Auth0 with composer pro? Does anyone know of a working example?

I try use javascript for this.

The method is window.location.hash

But I don´t have success