Can I keep certain things fixed in place when allowing entire page to scroll?

I have a custom header and would like it to stay in place at the top of the page while allowing the other item (items in a recycler view) to scroll. There is a bug that only allows the recycler view to be seen if stretch to viewport height is turned off and disable scrolling is turned off, that’s why I can’t just disable scrolling. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi! This is usually done via a container for the header and scrollview for whatever you want to scroll, but there’s a bug at the moment with web not working when you disable scroll for the page and stretch it to viewport. If you don’t use the web preview, you can already get started now. There are a lot of topics on the forums about this if you search for “custom nav bar” :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

Just trying to add to helpful info:
For a more specific breakdown, usually my layouts for this purpose, I create a Container under Page Layout, then a new container to hold all header information, a Container to hold Page Content, and a Container for Footer information.
Looks like this:

You can also do this:
and convert each mini-container into a component to make it easier to duplicate headers and footers across multiple pages.

Hope it helps

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