Can I select an Firebase Collection depending of page paramters variable?


When opening a new page, can this page select a determinate Firebase Collection depending on the parameter variable ?

This is my Firebase structure:

These are my 2 pages, first where the news categories are loaded:

second where I would like to load a determinate categories collection from firebase example Tech_Collection and throuth that Data built the page dynamically.

yes of course, but you need to use the rest api connector. in the url, you can add parameters, ass you can see bellow, these parameters, can be connected to variable or page parameters.

the option to connect, appears here

the images you see are from real time database api, the same works with firestore, you just need to use the correct url.


in general, i my opinion, i think that your database structure is not so good, (im not an expert), but i see a problem with this structure, where its not so easy (or even possible) to search for a certain document.
i suggest something like this, because that way, you can search for a specific topic by just filtering through the documents. (and using the firestore integration in appgyver, this can be done very easily by a specific field).

again, im not an expert, but from what i know, thats true, so anyone share their opinion

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Thank you, sir :wink: :beers: I’ll try that.

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