Can I set variable's property values in multiple steps?

What’s guys,

I have a Var with a preset schema like:

list1 [
{step1: "step1 valueX", step2: "step2 valueZ", step3: "step3 valueB"}
list2 [
{step1: "step1 valueY", step2: "step2 valueA", step3: "step3 valueC"}

Can I feed the variable with step1 values upon the first click, then step2 upon the 2nd click and step3 values upon the 3rd and final click and have all 3 step values in the var in the end (with the Update record flow)?

Well, You could go about this with a stepCounter page (or app) variable.
On each button tap add the logic “set page variable” of the stepCounter a bind it to formula pageVars.stepCounter+1 so that it records the step and You know where you are.

To further advance this idea You can in fact have a variable of “list of objects” type with properties: “step”, “value”. Then in the update record flow You would need either a MAP() or a BUILD_OBJECT() formula.

Thanks but sorry I didn’t phrase my question correctly. Forget the steps.

I guess I can populate a data or page var with several properties in a few instances (a few clicks), not only in one go. That’s my expectation.