Can I use AppGyver just for front-end?

I am interested in using a no-code solution just for the design/front-end for a React Native UI for mobile. For the application logic, I plan on using custom code.
Would AppGyver be practical use-case for this?

short answer is: that’s exactly the point, it is to be used a front end with either firebase or any backend that you can integrate through API, the only limitation is that there is not SDK integration currently but i believe app gyver team is working on this

Or, you can build an app with NO back end required. I’ve got an app I’m developing that does just this. All of the data it collects and organizes for the user is held in local storage. No back-end integration, no egress fees, and no internet required to use the app. These fit my requirements perfectly. Your mileage may vary.

Many apps don’t require any kind of back-end at all. You can even use the device itself for all it’s data storage if you want.