Can i write codes in Appgyver?

I need to do burger menu from the left side, but in AppGyver it’s not available. Can i write codes and make burger menu? Genarally, can we write codes in Appgyver?

First-tier support for side menus is coming with the new navigation editor which we hope to roll out in a few weeks! At the moment, the extension points with native code are a bit limited, but that’s changing with

For now, you can use to run certain kinds of custom code.

Okay, i understood)
But, can we create burger menu at this time using Custom JS ?

You could create a Container (to each page you need the menu) that shows when you click a burger icon. Basically you’d toggle its visibility every time user presses the button. That Container would include your menu items and you could design it the way you like.

You’d need to build the UI carefully to make the menu appear as you like. At least you’d have to give the menu Container some z-index and make its position absolute. The other page content might need to be in a Scroll view also.

So basically it’s possible, but I don’t think custom JS would be needed (or be even possible to use) in this case. The navigation editor will make this task much simpler.

Thank you very much! But i already tried this way. I just looking for another way, without using any burger icons. So, okay i understood, thank you)