Can my app be a mobile share target?

I want to build an app with appgyver that can be used by other apps as a mobile share target, i.e, be capable of receiving links, audio, photos or any media from other apps running on the user’s mobile device such as whatsapp or instagram.

When you select an item in a third party app (e.g. whatsapp) and select SHARE, the mobile OS will open a panel showing other installed apps that can be selected as share targets for the type of data. I want to see my app listed as a share target for different types of data/media. And when my app is selected, a specific screen should open allow the user to select a destination within my app.

Perhaps this feature doesn’t need to be built-in into appgyver. Maybe it could be implemented or supported via third party tools that allow to modify the final files (apk for Android). In that case, we would need clear instructions

We don’t support this yet. Should be pretty straight forward to add these kind of things to the build service configurations but there’s the whole thing of also having to figure out a way for users to create handlers for these kind of events on the composer.

Anyway I’ll add this to our backlogs as I think this is something that would be awesome to have.

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Hi Sasu

That would be great. I know this can be done in other platforms such as Bubble (+BDK) and Wappler, though it is kind of tricky. They use the expression Deep Linking to explain how to handle these share events internally. All that is provided for the event handler is just a screen/page url. I’m new to AppGyver so I’m not sure if that makes sense here.


Definitely possible and would be awesome to have it. Just a matter of prioritization :slight_smile:

Hi Sasu

Any idea if this feature is on the roadmap any time soon?


We’ll be roadmapping more after we have this ongoing beta thing live to everyone. Can’t tell how this will fit in until then.

I need this funtion! This is a core funtion/sprit for mobile app! pls go ahead, I am waiting here! Pls…

I couldn’t wait longer. I’ve started learning flutter to be able to make my app work.

Nonetheless I find Appgyver very impressive and promising.

Have to turn to android stutio…not easy but have to…receive share funtion is very important!

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One more here! I need to share webpages with my app!

Would be great to see this functionality soon!

Merry Christmas and have a nice 2022