Can only access one element of api response in Data resource

I am trying to set a page variable with the id of a data entry in a Bubble backend by making a GET RECORD request with a constraints parameter. The response is good but I can’t access the element I want when testing in my data resource. Below is an example of the response:
“response”: {
“cursor”: 0,
“results”: [
“state_text”: “xxx”,
“value_number”: 3.1,
“Created Date”: “2021-09-02T13:01:59.705Z”,
“Created By”: “xxx”,
“Modified Date”: “2021-09-02T13:01:59.756Z”,
“_id”: “xxx”
“remaining”: 0,
“count”: 1

I am trying to get the id of the first object in the response array and have tried putting response.results[0]._id but get the following error:

Error: Error: A Course record not found from the response!status: -1

Resource settings for Get record (GET)

Resource URL: https:/xxx
Relative path:

I can access the count via response.count but not results, remaining or cursor.
Any help as to how I can access the id would be greatly appreciated


Where did you put that bit response.results[0]._id ? It should work, especially if you have a logic flow of Get record - Set page variable (or whatever variable). Then you could set the page variable with the formula outputs["Get record"].response.results[0]._id. You can also try LOOKUP(response.results[0], "_id") in case that would work.

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