Can OOP classes be created in composer pro?

The top coding languages such as JAVA are Object-oriented programming languages, so I’m trying to figure out if composer pro uses the OOP concept. I can’t find any good composer pro tutorials on how to build common types of apps, so I’m focused on learning the fundamental concepts of the top coding languages, so hopefully I’ll be able to use coding tutorials with composer pro. I wish the community would switch over to appgyver because with enough support, appgyver could become the wordpress of no code programming.

Erm, yes, I guess if that’s how you want to define things, AppGyver could be said to be Object-oriented, but no-code is quite far away from Java :sweat_smile: For general concepts on how to work with data in AppGyver please see these videos.

I’ve watched those videos many times, but I asked to find out if composer pro is capable of using OOP data structures, so I could build complex apps with composer pro by following OOP coding language tutorials.

Mmmm no I don’t think that’s going to work, some concepts are of course similar regarding data etc. The code that is running on the background of the apps made with AppGyver is React Native, so you could have a look at that, although as our platform is no code it’s quite abstracted.

That’s a big help because I thought composer pro was made with Java.