Can pages be inserted or reordered?

Is it possible to inserted a new page between existing pages or reorder existing pages?

Thats not possible at the moment, but its not 100% needed too, because you can open any page at any moment, independent of the page no

I don’t know if this works for you, but I’ll give you my use case.

First it’s good to know that I’m new to AppGyver, and I’m not a programmer either, so what I’m going to say may be completely useless. If so, I apologize.


At a certain point in the development I realized that a page was “missing” in a certain place. It would not only be created but should be visible “between existing pages”.

In my logic, in my head, it should be like this, and even though you can call any page from any location, at any time, in my rudimentary logic, a specific page that I had forgotten to create, should be created and should stay in a specific location.

My solution was to rename all pages (including the new one) to names like: Pag01Home, Pag02Data, Pag03Search, Pag04Contact, etc, etc, etc

Automatically, the pages were in the order I wanted; I managed to “include” the page I needed and with the name change it was in the place I needed.

But this gave me a lot, a lot, a lot of work as I had to rename the pages and reconfigure some calls within the app.

As I said, it was my case, with my solution, within my logic.

If it helps, I’m glad I could have helped.

Thanks…I am learning. This helps. I see now that pages are ordered alphabetically. Since appgyver is intended to be a visual system, I guess that I anticipated the ability to adjust pages visually. Thanks for helping me understand your approach.