Can see data on web preview but not iPhone preview

I created a list item with repeat connected to a data variable, connected to a data resource.

If I open the app on the web interface, I can see the items:

But on the iPhone preview app, I cannot:

What is going on?

In the data connector, have you activated the ios app as well as the web app?

Not sure that is the answer, but how would I do that?

I created other REST API data resources and the one filling my dropdown list works on iPhone but the one on a simple repeat of a list item or text component does not.

Actually first of all do you use firebase?
Because for some reason i thought you do

I’m just using a plain free, no-authentication REST API

ohh ok then something else is going on, when you make a test request in the data connector, is it successful

Yes, I get the data back, and in the web preview all the records show, so the setup of project seems OK, but feels like something stupid I’m not aware of.