Can’t create testflight build

i’ve been trying to create a test flight build and still haven’t been able to push the successful one I keep getting this error

Version: 2.4.35
Status: error
Message: Codesign Error: ‘0 valid identities found’. You might have generated a new certificate in the Apple Developer Center, but you have not generated a new provisioning profile which matches the new certificate. Please generate and upload a new provisioning profile, then request a new build.

would love anything to help with this.

Hi! Have you made sure your certificate and provisioning profile match? The certificate needs to be of distribution (App Store) type and provision profile needs to be regenerated after creating a new certificate.

If this doesn’t help, please let me know your app id so I can look at the problem further.

@Mevi so i went ahead and re-created all my certifications and provisioning files. My app id is 194653 i would love for this to be looked into more because i have tried multiple times and still nothing. Appreciate your help :grinning:

Hi! I checked and it looks like your provisioning profile does not include the distribution certificate. So please, go through the process again :sweat_smile:

@Mevi okay my bad. So to clarify I need to create a Development or distribution Provisioning profile?

Distribution provision profile. Everything is distribution – certificate and profile. And only for iOS App Store instead of the general ones.