Can we access Call Log on phone? Want to choose number from recent call list

Can we access Call Log on phone? Want user to choose number from recent call list.
Thank you for any ideas or guidance.

Hrm. We have made exactly one application which accesses the call logs of an user, and unless this is a really really central function of your app, I would not recommend it.

First of all, it’s only possible on Android, and the permissions it requires are classified as high-risk, so Google Play restricts their use. (Apple does not provide access to call history at all)

Secondly, our preview app naturally does not have call log permissions (due to Google Play’s restrictions), so the only way to test these functionalities would be by building your own app for distribution. Which is a nasty cycle to test/debug something when you have to wait for a build to get ready every time you change something and want to test it out.

If you would despite this still want to access the call log of an user, I can see if I can guide you further on this.

Hello, I need the feature of call log access in one of my apps. Can you guide me with same please?