Can we include a swiping mechanism like Tinder?

The title says it all. I want to have a mechanism similar to that in Tinder. I know there’s the card component over here but can I add a similar animation to it to make it work and so it shows a card underneath it?

Open to suggestions!

So no swipe functionality.

As for the animations, what you’ll want to do is dynamically define the Z-Index of two card components. The flow to animate how you want would be like so:

  1. Card 1 fills with data with Z-Index of 2
  2. Card 2 fills with data with Z-Index of 1
  3. Card 1 is tapped away, and animated out of visibility.
  4. Card 1 Z-Index changed to 1 and Card 2 Z-Index changed to 2.
  5. Populate Card 1 with new data and make it visible (it will still be hiding under Card 2)
  6. When Card 2 is animated out of visibility, Card 1 will become visible underneath with new data.
  7. Repeat process.