Can we upload icons?

I tried to upload icons using image. But in png format quality is so bad, .svg format doesn’t show in the app after downloading app from play market, (but when i check from the AppGyver app it was shown). Is there any ways?

Unfortunately uploading icons isn’t possible at the moment. Those should be possible to upload using .svg or .png. So if the built app doesn’t show the .svg there might be some bug there and we need to fix it.

But for .png I don’t know why the quality would be bad if your original image has good quality and is large enough so it’s not stretched in the app. I’ve used .pngs successfully a few times to fill in for icons.

In general allowing uploading custom icons would be a good feature, but it hasn’t found enough room on our backlog yet. Here’s a related tracker item if you wish to upvote it: You can also add a comment that it would be useful to be able to upload icons not just for nav bar but to be used everywhere.

Can we upload icons in the advanced version of the AppGyver?

Nope, this feature isn’t implemented yet. The upcoming advanced navigation should allow you to add you own navigation icons as images to the navigation bars, but uploading icons for general use is still on the backlog and will be implemented sometime in future (though it’s not planned yet, so I cannot promise any timetable for this).

Thank you for your answer! About .svg, can i wait corrections for this?

We have to check that issue and see what could be core problem there. But yes, if/when we find the issue, we will fix it.

Sorry, when can i get an answer about solving this problem?

I’ll let you know when it’s fixed. As we don’t know the core issue yet, I cannot tell when exactly the fix will be available.

We abandoned Appgyver because of this. We have very distinct UI elements across all of our apps to create a sense of unity and intuitiveness. When it is added, we’ll return.

Sorry to hear that. The workaround of using icons via images does work, although for navigation you will then have to make your own navigation. Leaving this here for any others who may be looking to work with this issue until custom icons can be uploaded.