Can you use a global app var in data configurator?

Hoping someone can help me with this question.

I’m looking to set up a development env for my Firebase Realtime Database.

To be able to switch between the existing production and development environments, I would need to update the Resource URL for every database call, which is doable but a lot of work.

Does anyone know if you can use a global app var inside the data configurator?

This way, I can change the global app var, and database calls would work seamlessly.


The way I’ve done this before is to use the url placeholder to have e.g. an env parameter that I use to determine the environment. Then create an app variable for that env parameter that you use in every data flow. Like that you can easily switch the app variable in the login flow for example and affect all data calls in the app.

Thanks @Mevi … figured that was the way to do it.

Was hoping there was an easier way to avoid having to change every data flow + adding the URL placeholder to every call for each screen / call.

Noticed that in the March update a comment about updating base URL … do you know if/when this will make it to the community edition?

Integrations AKA Data section revamp

  • Instead of each data resource being configured in isolation, the concept of an integration allows things like base URL and common headers to be configured only once per system/API being integrated to.

Yeah it’s definitely a pain to do afterwards if you didn’t have it in the plans to do in the beginning, but at least once it’s done it works well :sweat_smile:

I’m not really able to give time estimates – but as far as I understand the integration features are going to apply to start with to SAP integrations, and as such it’s not going to be useful for non-SAP integrations when the feature is first released.