Can you use a Slider in a repeat?

I’m trying to use a Slider component within a repeat, but can’t get it to behave properly - it won’t report the value correctly. Outside of the Repeat, I can attach an Alert to the onChange event and report the output value as expected, but within the repeat, the output value just comes back as the same value every time, regardless of where I move the slider, or it doesn’t come back at all (depending on what I bind the input value to.)

I think the problem may be that because it’s in a repeat, I can’t bind the value to a proper page or app variable because I don’t know how many I’ll have (hence the use of Repeat.)

Is there a way to set up a Slider so I can pass a starting value to it and then pull the current value from the output using the onChange event, without binding the value input to a variable?

Good question. I was wondering the same thing using a Slider component within a repeat.